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Neurofeedback for a Flexible Brain

Client Success Stories

Hyperactive, explosive 4 year old adoptee became less reactive and defiant, and has more age appropriate responses to transitions.

6 year old with brain injury becomes more participatory and communicative with his class and family.  His Physical Therapist and Occupational Therapist really notice the improvements in his body strength and awareness of surroundings. Parents of his classmates are asking his mother what therapy she’s doing with him.

Very oppositional teen boy with PTSD became less defiant, calmer and less explosive.

Veteran of Iraq war is able to focus and multitask again, and no longer has panic attacks.

Survivor of a car crash with fractured skull, coma and subsequent strokes gradually regains his balance and ability to walk without walker, with neurofeedback in conjunction with PT, OT and vision therapy.

Survivor of 2 aneurisms and brain surgery regained her clarity and coordination, and no longer had such a hot temper.  Her golf four-some won their League’s tournament that year!

Drummer who had lost his coordination and sense of timing has significant improvement after his first session.

Nine year old with ADD and sleep problems started waking on her own every morning, reading and retaining more, and getting her homework done easily with little prompting.

Six year old on the autism spectrum makes eye contact, has wonderful conversations and is no longer fixated on numbers. He has the focus, energy, and stamina to do the OT, ST, school, etc. that were such a struggle before.  His meltdowns dropped dramatically, from a few a day to a couple a week with the LENS.  I worked with him over just two months, 20 sessions total, so these improvements really can’t be attributed to typical maturation.

Gentleman with chronic laryngitis secondary to throat surgery regains his full voice after three NeuroField treatments. 

Survivor of a severe hemorrhagic stroke regains his fluidity of movement, his short term memory and optimistic life view after 5 sessions (we did 12 sessions total).

Eight year old with Asperger’s becomes more comfortable in class, has fewer emotional meltdowns, and gets along better with his sister.

Young man who suffered depression and lack of direction after being hit in the head with a baseball bat regained his mood stability and ventured forth into life again. Nine sessions total.

Stroke survivor experienced a significant reduction in debilitating headaches after ten sessions.

85 year old discontinues her use of Cymbalta (an antidepressant) and remains free of depression over a year later.

Man who had anxiety attacks after a bad experience on an airplane is able to fly again.

Woman with fibromyalgia states, “I haven’t felt this good in years!”

Explosive teen states, “I feel awesome!”