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LENS Session

What's a LENS Neurofeedback session like?
What is getting an EEG reading like?
First, a small spot on your scalp is rubbed with a slightly abrasive gel. This is to help create a good connection between your scalp and the sensor.
Second, the sensor is applied using a little paste.  (The paste cleans off easily at the end of the session.)
Third, the EEG is read by the computer.
What does it feel like?
You probably won’t feel anything besides the paste on your head.  There is no electricity being passed into your head!

(This is a photo of a 'traditional' session.  LENS sessions only have one wire on the head, and one on each ear.)
What does LENS feedback feel like?
Most people don't feel anything at all.  Others may feel a slight sensation that passes quickly.
What will I feel like after the LENS session?
Be open to whatever experiences come up.  You may be surprised by new abilities to function.  Your new abilities may fade after a few days, or they may be longer lasting.  With continued sessions, as your brain reaches a higher level of efficiency, you will maintain your new abilities. 
Are there "side effects" from LENS?
Each person has their own sensitivity to the LENS feedback.  If you are more sensitive to it, you may experience feeling tired or wired for up to a day after the session.  Your responses are something that you and I will assess at each visit.  Your feedback to me is very important so that I can make the best clinical decisions for your care.
How many LENS sessions will I need?
This depends on your own brain, and whether your symptoms are more from a head injury or from inherited patterns such as ADHD or depression.
Will I need psychotherapy along with the LENS sessions?
This depends a lot on your own individual situation. As your brain changes and you "get out of the rut" that was holding you in a certain coping pattern, it may be easy to make that transition, or it may be more difficult. We can schedule more time in your session for psychotherapy if you want.