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I offer each of these healing modalities:  

LENS and Traditional Neurofeedback are both EEG-Biofeedback systems.  The chart below will help you understand the differences.

NeuroField: the energetic wave of the future. NeuroField is an energy replenishment and stress reduction device. NeuroField theory is based on the premise that the human body emits a field of energy that extends outside the body. This field of energy is theorized to be an interactive conduit that can travel to any region in the body. 
When tissue is damaged the molecular configuration of the tissue becomes deficient in electrons which makes it difficult for the body to engage its own natural healing ability. The NeuroField was designed to re-charge those damaged molecular systems, which in turn, allows the body to engage its own restorative systems so as to return to a balanced, homeostatic state. The natural healing wisdom of the human body is complex, adaptive, fluid and intelligent. When a person becomes imbalanced they become susceptible to many different types of illness. NeuroField was designed to strengthen the body and promote healthy, balanced states.

Personal Roshi ("pRoshi") is a light/sound machine used to disrupt inefficient patterns in the brain.  The lights flash at a constantly varying speed, helping the brain to "get out of the rut" of current dysfunctional patterns. 

Photonics Stimulator uses infrared light as a healing modality.  The infrared light is used to calm the nervous system, reduce spasm and spasticity, relieve pain and reduce inflammation.

HEG (Hemoencephalography) measures the blood flow in the brain and gives feedback to encourage blood flow to the targeted regions.

***Each of these services is available during a session with me.  I use my clinical judgment (and your consent) to determine which modalities to use in each session.  Fees are per session, and not based on which modalities are used.***

 LENS vs. Traditional EEG Feedback

(Low Energy Neurofeedback System)

Feedback:  very weak radio frequency based on the frequency of the brain waves  (There is no electricity going into the brain!)

Change happens
because the radio frequency is new information for the brain. The brain is able to change it's activation patterns.
Client tasks:
sit quietly

The whole brain is treated, working from most functional to least functional sites.
Duration of feedback: less than 1 second per site.  Often several sites can be done in one session.

Sustained results
seen in 5-40 sessions.
LENS is featured in the book The Healing Power of Neurofeedback

     Traditional EEG Feedback

sights and sounds on the computer, based on the brainwaves

Change happens because the brain is gradually taught to produce the desired activation patterns. 
Client tasks: learn to perform to keep rewards coming by achieving threshold requirements.
Approach: treat "problem areas" as defined by the therapist, based on assessment findings.
Duration: EEG training may last 20 minutes or longer.
Sustained results in 20 to 100 sessions, or more.

Traditional EEG is featured in the book ADD the 20 hour solution

How can just a second or two of feedback (with LENS) make such a difference?
We think it's because the feedback frequency is so very faint (one trillionth of a watt) and because it echoes the brain's activity, the brain senses the feedback.  The brain's homeodynamics (the state it's usually in) is disrupted with the information of the feedback signal, and the brain reestablishes a new and higher functioning state.  The amount of information needed to disrupt a pattern is incredibly small, and different for each person.  As a clinician, I find the right amount of information/feedback for each of my clients.