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Neurofeedback for a Flexible Brain


Frequently Asked Questions

Will neurofeedback last forever?
Neurofeedback (NFB) helps your brain become more efficient.  Once the brain becomes more efficient, it won't go back to being less efficient.  The benefits of NFB are permanent unless the brain becomes injured or has a degenerative disease process such as MS, Parkinson's or Dementia.
Does it work for everyone?
The majority of the individuals using Neurofeedback do find benefit in this therapy technique. The degree of benefit varies depending on the presenting problems, the expectations of the individual or family and the environment in which the person lives.
Can I eliminate my medication?
Only adjust your medication under the supervision of your physician!!!  We have found that as the brain becomes more efficient, it may need less of the medication.  Be aware of the possibility of having too much medication in your system, and adjust your dose only under the care and direction of the prescribing physician.
Should I continue to see my psychologist?
  If you are comfortable with your therapist and want to continue seeing them, then continue in this relationship.  Therapy is often recommended during the neurotherapy, to process the changes and old issues that may come up.  If you want to see me for therapy, we can schedule time during your session.
Is it dangerous to change someone's brain?
   Helping someone control the intensity of specific frequencies within the brain is not harmful.  It is recommended that the participant does NFB under the supervision of a trained therapist.
Does electrical activity go into the brain during NF?
No, the EEG sensors are placed on the scalp with the conductive paste to "read" the activity under the scalp. It is then processed through an EEG device and mathematical calculations are computed to develop a picture of this activity.  This is then processed again through specific software to create feedback.  With the LENS technique, the feedback is an electromagnetic radio frequency. The feedback with traditional EEG is both a visual and auditory format for the brain to respond to during a session.
Can anyone become a neurofeedback therapist?
Although it is possible for anyone to learn the process of neurofeedback therapy, healthcare professionals typically are the trained therapists.  This includes psychologists, social workers, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech and language therapists, medical doctors and some educators.  It is highly recommended that you only seek treatment from a licensed practitioner, such as those listed above.  There is no specific licensure for biofeedback/neurofeedback.