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Neurofeedback for a Flexible Brain

Becoming a Neurofeedback Provider

Neurofeedback is a dynamic and powerful way to add brain-based treatment to your therapy practice.

My suggestions:

  I suggest learning LENS first.  It's easier for the practitioner to learn and implement, it's easier for the client to experience, and the results are usually faster for the client.
    Purchase and read The Healing Power of Neurofeedback by Stephen Larsen, about the LENS system.
    Check out the Ochs Labs web site.
    Take the LENS Foundations Course through Ochs Labs.

    When you are ready to learn about Traditional Neurofeedback, start by reading from the main web sites ISNR, EEGinfo, EEGspectrum.  Read Getting Started with Neurofeedback by John Demos, it was written with potential neurofeedback therapists in mind.
More great books are listed on the resources page.

Visit me or another neurofeedback practitioner to discuss the details of
getting training, equipment and expertise to practice, and to
experience neurofeedback for yourself.

Consider taking the nationally accredited course, Getting Started With Neurofeedback.   Other nationally accredited courses are listed on BCIA.

Purchasing Equipment:

LENS equipment: Ochs Labs

Traditional EEG: (there are many!) It's best to make your equipment choice based on your training.




BCIA Certification Course:
*** I am not currently teaching this course.  I recommend the course "Getting Started With Neurofeedback" provided by John Demos and Stress Therapy Solutions in Cleveland, OH, and elsewhere across the country.  Fully accredited by BCIA for certification.