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Neurofeedback for a Flexible Brain

Getting Started with LENS Neurotherapy:
  Your first session will be mostly talking.  

  If you can, please print out and fill out the Intake Questionnaires before your first session. That saves us time. Otherwise, I have copies you can fill out here. 

  I will thoroughly explain neurofeedback and answer any questions that you have. 

  We will review your symptoms, history, and goals for neurotherapy. 

  Fees: I'm happy to discuss this on the phone before the first appointment.  We will usually begin the LENS neurofeedback process with a 4-second treatment (If I determine that LENS is appropriate for you.). 
LENS Neurofeedback Process:


Each person has a different sensitivity to the LENS feedback.  For some people, they only need one site on the head to be treated each session. Others do best with several sites. The sites will change week to week, so that we can eventually treat up to 19 to 21 sites.

The treatment is individualized for the best possible outcome, based on the person's response to the last session.  

I will be helping you to learn to make better food choices for you and your family.  My favorite book suggestion:  Little Sugar Addicts by Kathleen DesMaisons


Will I need psychotherapy along with the LENS sessions?
  This depends a lot on your own individual situation. As your brain changes and you "get out of the rut" that was holding you in a certain coping pattern, it may be easy to make that transition, or it may be more difficult. We can schedule more time in your session for psychotherapy if you want.
How many LENS sessions will I need?
This depends on your own brain, and whether your symptoms are more from a head injury or from inherited patterns such as ADHD or depression.

Can my problem be helped with Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback can provide drug-free relief for symptoms of:

Traumatic Brain Injury, including stroke
Attention Deficit Disorder:
both children and adults
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Sleep Disorders

Chronic Pain, including Migraines and Fibromyalgia
Chronic Fatigue
Seizure Disorders
Peak Performance:
  for musicians, athletes, executives, students